Russia and Ukraine

The market growth of Russian and Ukrainian clinical trials has been impressive in the past ten years. It is due to several factors including


  • the presence of specialized research institutions focusing on one specific therapeutic area,
  • their reputation for best practice in clinical research,
  • the access to large populations in urban areas
  • rapid subject enrollment,
  • low drop-out rate,
  • high educational level


Russia and Ukraine are the good places to placing clinical research studies in these areas!



Will provide you with full-service support in the set up, management, monitoring and reporting of your clinical trials in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.


We offer:

  • Large population and database with large, highly specialized hospitals. Good selection of high-quality investigational sites. The staff of the clinics we work with consists of highly qualified doctors having experience in conducting international trials in accordance with GCP regulations.
  • Availability of patients. The recruitment of the first patient takes place in not more than 3 months after ESMAR has received all the necessary documents required for approval by the Ministry of Health, and the Ethic Committee. The main advantage of our sites is the large recruitment rate which is at least in 2-3 times higher compared to EU countries.
  • Superior quality of clinical data confirmed by audits and inspections. ESMAR is fully aware of the "special local conditions" which constantly change, and this is of critical importance to ensure the success of clinical trials.
  • Low cost per completed case report form due to fewer days needed to recruit one patient, quality of recordings, low percentage of rejected recordings


We have built our relationships with clients based on mutual professional understanding of their needs and on a base of strict compliance with ICH GCP guidelines, local legislation and top level business standards.