Models of approaching to health care facilities with high-tech medical devices. Skolkovo December 4-5 in the "Skolkovo" of Moscow region was held a conference "Models of approaching to health care facilities with high-tech medical devices." It was organized by the biomedical cluster innovation center "Skolkovo" and the Canadian non-profit organization «The Conference Board of Canada».

Our employees also participated in this event. Russian and Canadian experts in the field of biomedicine have discussed existing Russian and international legislation in the field of medical devices and technologies. The role of public procurement in the supply of medical institutions.

At the conference it was concluded that the government procurement will promote innovation in medicine only if the authorities will focus on long-term results of treatment. At the conference were discussed new models of public procurement, which stimulate innovation development in the medical industry, and allow to achieve significant results in the treatment of patients with effective expenditure of budgetary funds.

The important role of clinical and pharmacoeconomic studies of medical products as a basis of evidence of their use and public procurement was noted. From the press release, you can view the link