November 20-21, 2014, Moscow hosted the 2nd International Forum of Adam Smith Institute conference "Clinical Trials in Russia" dedicated to the researches and development of innovative drugs in Russia. The conference brought together experts of national and international research and development sector, as well as representatives of the Russian scientific community and government representatives, who discussed the achievements in the field of cooperation between business and science. Were considered the search for innovative strategies, the current situation, progress in the development sector, offered some suggestions to improve the prospects for further development of the sector. During the forum was held a training seminar: "Effective clinical trials for innovative medicines - from planning to approval" (Dmitri Pavlov, Pfizer Inc.). On the interactive session, regional research centers provided information about themselves in the form of poster presentations. Lot of attention was paid to the discussion of current trends in clinical studies and especially to the preparation of clinical centers to implement and working conditions in the mode of Risk Based Monitoring, system of training and effective personnel management - possible solutions to problems of shortage of skilled personnel in the field of clinical trials in Russia. The forum was attended by representatives of our company, MD V.V. Popov gave a lecture "Current Trends in Audit and  Inspections in clinical trials. Assessing Clinical Trial Quality: An Analysis of International and Russian Experience." Presentation are available here ...Presentation