An annual international forum of Adam Smith (Adam Smith Conferences) was negotiated 24-26 November 2015 in Moscow: «Clinical Trials in Russia (Clinical Trials in Russia)». The forum was attended by over 150 delegates and more than 40 most influential experts in the field of clinical trials (hereinafter CT). The program of the event included key reports of the leading experts from AstraZeneca Russia, Novartis Pharma, Servier, GlaxoSmithKline, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Pfizer Corporation, R-Pharm, Quintiles Russia, Synergy Research Group, the Federal Service for Surveillance iv Healthcare, Accell Clinical Research, Lege Artis Clinical Research Group, IPharma, Pharmstandard, Smooth Drug Development, Synevo Central Labs, Sciencefiles, Almedis, Aston Group, the Council on Ethics of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Interuniversity Ethics Committee and others.


The conference discussed important issues such as the ethics of clinical trials, development of an effective design of clinical trials, pharmacovigilance during clinical trials. They discussed a number of regulatory and legal issues of the CT. A considerable part of the time was devoted to open discussions, during which participants had the opportunity to share their experiences or problems they face in conducting researches. A very important feature of the event was the presence of all parties engaged in conducting of clinical trials: development companies (sponsors), CRO-companies, representatives of ethics committees, regulatory authorities, medical researchers. Professor MD Popov V.V. presented the report "Ethical issues of conduction of studies related to the collection of genetical information" in the seminar "Implementation of ethical review and interaction with the ethics committees," as well as the report «Risk based clinical trial audit».

The presentation "Ethical issues of conduction of studies related to the collection of genetical information" is available for you here (click the picture):

The presentation "Risk Based Clinical Trial Audit" is available for you here (click the picture):