Logistics services related to the organization and conduction of clinical trials, marketing authorization (registration), import, export, storage and distribution.

ESMAR team has many years' experience in the provision of services to our customers, starting from the request of import/export permits to the customs clearance with further possible storage and distribution to the destination (such as research sites, regulatory agencies, expert institutions).

Our advantages:

- A high level of competence in the conformity to the regulatory requirements;

- High reliability and responsibility;

- Always available for high-speed service;

- Optimization of the costs;

- Quickly tasks.

Logistics/Storage (own Depot) services of ESMAR company for clinical research include:

- Ambient temperature storage, storage at +15 +25 ° C; +15 +30 ° C; +2 +8 ° C; -15 - 25 ° C; -70 -86 ° C;

- Using of thermoboxes (outdoor boxes), special packaging;

- Using of a dry ice;

- Temperature control, including using of temperature loggers;

- Logistics/supply chain planning;

- Refrigerators delivery with temperature control;

- Experienced and trained drivers; 

Customs clearance:

- Consulting support;

- Preliminary preparation;

- Approval of custom authorities;

- Obtaining of good specific permissions from the Ministries;

- "Clearance in a day";

- Custom clearance without unloading to custom depot;

- Individual approach;

- Cost and time optimization. 

Projects for export of biological samples:

- Choice of the appropriate laboratory;

- Organization of shipment processes;

- Export;

- Provision with laboratory kits;

- Packaging and temperature conditions. 

Destruction of drug and study materials:

- A licensed company engaged in the destruction procedure;

- Procedure of accounting and verification;

- Certificate & Act of Destruction.


ESMAR company takes care of your medications and materials!