Feasibility studies

ESMAR has developed a highly successful network of investigators and sites across Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. All Investigators we work with have experience in clinical trials according to ICH GCP standards. A lot of them show a very high recruitment rate and successfully passed through local and international audits.


ESMAR always identifies sites that will be good at recruiting patients for a clinical trial.


Our services include the selection of clinical sites and investigators and their evaluation all over Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries according to the following criteria:
- The anticipated number of eligible patients recruited per month according to the inclusion/exclusion criteria
- Previous experience and training in similar clinical studies
- Contingency planning
- Investigators comments on the inclusion/exclusion criteria and the study design in which investigator experience significantly has an impact on patient enrolment
- Trial-required facilities, equipment and pharmacies
- A suitable fees for investigators per patient
- Additional sponsor requirements


We guarantee that the selected investigators are qualified by training and experience in the field of medicine related to the study protocol and that each has adequate resources to properly conduct the trial for which he/she is selected.