Data management & Biostatistics

ESMAR offers integrated services in biostatistics and data management at all stages of the clinical study – starting with planning and up to the final data processing, preparation of statistical and clinical report.
Our core services include the following:
   Data Management Services:
   -  Data Management Plan creation
   -  Database design, testing and maintenance
   -  Double data entry
   -  Query process
   -  Coding (adverse events, diseases and medication)
   Biostatistics Services:
   -  Clinical trial development plan
   -  Development of the Statistical Analysis Plan
   -  Creation of the Randomization Code List
   -  Statistical programming and validation (SAS, Statistica)
   -  Interim analysis
   -  Statistical report
All our statistical services are based on International and local regulatory guidelines, on high quality processes, on your needs and our expertise. We always work together with the sponsors ’s goal in mind!
ESMAR conducts trials very effectively at the highest international level. Our company will professionally fulfil all your unique needs in a best way and in proper time!